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Banning Ranch Development Responses to dEIR Comments
The following responses to dEIR comment files have been posted by the City of Newport Beach. These responses to comments will become part of the final Environmental Impact Report. All files are in Adobe Acrobat format. The files have been compressed (reduced in file size) for better file accessiblity and manageability and are also available on the City Website.

If you have questions regarding the responses you may contact Patrick Alford, Planning Manager - City of Newport Beach, (949) 644-3255 or via email Email Patrick Alford.

Please report any problems accessing these documents to the BRC webmaster Email the BRC webmaster.

PDF File  Responses to all dEIR comments:

01_RTC Part 1-r.pdf - Introduction, List of Respondents, Responses to Environmental Concerns, Clarifications
02_RTC Part 2-r.pdf - Local Agencies and Committees
03_RTC Part 3-r.pdf - Individual Responses - pages 3-391 thru 3-556
04_RTC Part 4-r.pdf - Individual Responses - pagse 3-557 thru 3-753
05_RTC Part 5-r.pdf - Individual Responses - pages 3-754 thru 3-926
06_RTC Part 6-r.pdf - Individual Responses - pages 3-927 thru 3-994 & Clarifications 4.1-22

Link to dEIR Comments.

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