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The Newport Banning Ranch Project Development Plan
Banning Ranch is a 400-acre parcel of coastal bluffs and adjacent wetlands located in the vicinity of West Newport Beach, close to where the Santa Ana River enters the Pacific Ocean. Banning Ranch borders Newport Crest on the west and northwest, and is contiguous with Sunset Ridge, the Army Corps Wetlands, and Talbert Nature Preserve.  The proposed development includes 1,375 homes, a 75-room resort hotel, 75,000 square feet of commercial space, a 4-lane 50 mph roadway (Bluff Road) traversing Banning Ranch from 15th Street to PCH plus arterial highways, and an active sports park comprised of 6 tennis courts, soccer fields, baseball fields, a skateboard park, and 2 parking lots with over 125 parking spaces. 

The Newport Banning Ranch Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was released September 8, 2011 and is available on the City of Newport Beach website. For more information about the dEIR - click here.

Proposed Development Plan
Map of proposed development plan

Land Use
Gross Acres (a)
DU (b) Commercial
Open Space
 Lowland open Space/Public Tralls and Facllties 130.6 ga

 Upand open Space/Public Tralls and Facllties 105.2 ga

OF  Consoldated Oil Facilities(Interlm Use) 16.5 ga

Subtotal Open Space  
252.3 ga

CP  Community Park 26.8 ga

 Bluff Park 20.9 ga

IP  Interpretive Parks 3.7 ga

Subtotal Public Parks/Recreation  
51.4 ga

Visitor-Serving Resort
VSR/R  Visitor Serving Resort 11.3 ga 87 du 75 rooms
Subtotal Visitor Serving Resort  
11.3 ga 87 du
75 rooms
RL  Low Density Residential (up to 8 du/Acre) 26.1 ga 167 du

RL/M  Low-Medium Density Residential (up to 16 du/Acre) 11.8 ga 85 du

 Medium Density Residential (up to 24 du/Acre) 27.3 ga 306 du

Subtotal Residential  
65.2 ga 558 du

MU/R  Mixed-Use/Residential 20.9 ga 730 du
75,000 sf
Subtotal Mixed-Use/Residential  
20.9 ga 730 du (g)
75,000 sf (h,i)
Total Project  
401.1 ga 1,375 du
* ga=gross acres             * du=dwelling unit           * sf=square feet
  • Gross acres are measured to the centerline of all public roads where such roads are shown on the Master Development Plan. Refinements to the gross acres within each Land Use District are permitted subject to the provisions set forth in the NBR-PC.
  • Planned dwelling units may be transferred from one Residential, Visitor-Serving Resort/Residential, or Mixed-Use/Residential land use district to another in accordance with the provisions of the NBR-PC, provided (i) the transfer does not result in an increase of more than 15% of the total number of planned dwelling units established for the land use district; (ii) the maximum density established for each Residential land use district is not exceeded; (iii) the total number of dwelling units within the Mixed-Use/Residential land use district does not exceed 730 du; (iv) the total number of Project dwelling units does not exceed 1,375 du; and (v) there are no new traffic impacts associated with the transfer, as determined by the City Engineer pursuant to a traffic study prepared by the City.
  • The right-of-way reservation for the off-site 19th Street extension, from the Project site’s easterly boundary to the Santa Ana River, is approximately 3.1 acres, including approximately 0.6 acre located within the Upland Open Space/Public Trails and Facilities land use district and approximately 2.5 acres located within the Lowland Open Space/Public Trails and Facilities land use district.
  • The Interim Oil Facilities (Open Space land use district) includes (i) the existing oil operations site near West Coast Highway;(ii) the new oil consolidation site near the middle of the Lowland; and (iii) an oil access road (non-exclusive easement) connecting the two oilfield consolidation sites.
  • Gross acres for the Bluff Park land use district and Interpretive Parks land use district may include fuel management zones, interpretive trails and facilities, and landscape focal points and greens.
  •  Gross acres for Residential land use districts, the Visitor-Serving Resort/Residential land use district, and the Mixed-Use/Residential land use district may include fuel management zones, privately owned and maintained parks and recreation facilities, and landscape focal points and greens.
  • Within the Mixed-Use/Residential land use district, the Planned Dwelling Units will also be the maximum permitted dwelling units.
  • Up to 2,500 sf of commercial building area may be transferred from the Mixed-Use/Residential land use district to a Residential land use district in accordance with the NBR-PC, provided the total area of commercial buildings does not exceed 75,000 sf. i.  Visitor serving commercial uses included as part of the resort inn are not included in the maximum 75,000 sf of commercial area.
  • A maximum 1,375 du are permitted.

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