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Newport Banning Ranch DEIR
The Newport Banning Ranch Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) was released September 8, 2011 and is available on the City of Newport Beach website. The document is divided into sections (see the table of contents below) and is extremely large. A suggestion is to read the Executive Summary thoroughly.

There are also some very interesting draft comments by the City of Newport Beach Environmental Quality Affairs Committee (EQAC) on the Banning Ranch dEIR - Draft Comments.

DEIR Sections
  • Executive Summary (1.0)
  • Introduction (2.0)
  • Project Description (3.0)
  • Environmental Setting (4.0)
  • Land Use and Planning (4.1)
  • Aesthetics (4.2)
  • Geology and Soils (4.3)
  • Hydrology and Water Quality (4.4)
  • Hazards and Hazardous Materials (4.5)
  • Biological Resources (4.6)
  • Population and Housing (4.7)
  • Recreation and Trails (4.8)
  • Transportation and Circulation (4.9)
  • Air Quality (4.10)
  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions(4.11)
  • Noise (4.12)
  • Cultural and Paleontological Resources (4.13)
  • Public Services and Facilities (4.14)
  • Utilities (4.15)
  • Cumulative Impact Analysis (5.0)
  • Long Term Implications (6.0)
  • Alternatives (7.0)
  • Preparers and Contributors (8.0)
  • References (9.0)
  • Glossary (10.0)

Projected DEIR milestones:

  • DEIR Release: 9/8/11
  • Environmental Quality Citizens Advisory Committee (EQAC) meeting to review their initial comments: 9/19/11 (7 p.m.)
  • EQAC meeting to review their final comments: 10/17/11 (7 p.m.)
  • Last date to submit comments: 11/8/11
  • City drafts responses to DEIR comments: End of 2011
  • Hearing to review DEIR: Late January 2012

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