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Why Save Banning Ranch?
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Banning Ranch can provide a wonderful break from urban life for future generations. 

Preserving this land from development will:
  1. Protect this delicate ecosystem that is home to so many native plants and animals. 

  2. Provide needed open space for one of Orange County’s most densely populated areas.

  3. Provide nature inspired recreation alternatives for residents.

  4. Provide a home for endangered species and for migrating and wintering birds.

  5. Provide a local laboratory and observation area for schools, the public and scientists.

  6. Provide a valuable link between different parts of the proposed 1,000 acre Orange Coast River Park.
Alternatively, the development of Banning Ranch will leave the citizens of Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Orange County and Southern California with all of the frustrations of over-built, over-developed, over-congested urban sprawl, including:
  • Traffic Congestion

  • High Rise Blight

  • Excavation Destruction and Pollution

  • Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gasses

  • Overcrowded Schools

  • Water Shortages

  • Damaged Ecosystem
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