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Sunset Ridge Park
On 08/09/2012, at a meeting in Santa Cruz, the Coastal Commission approved a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for Sunset Ridge Park.  As you are aware, Sunset Ridge is a 15-acre parcel of City-owned property at the corner of Superior and PCH, immediately adjacent to Banning Ranch.  The Banning Ranch Conservancy has long supported a park at Sunset Ridge and was among the early grassroots organizations involved in this effort.

The final version of the Sunset Ridge Park plans are much different than the original. The plans do not contain the controversial growth-inducing Banning Ranch entrance road. This entrance road, designed and conceived with the help of the developers of the proposed 1375-home Banning Ranch residential project, would have become the first step in the construction of Bluff Road. The road would have facilitated and helped to enable the proposed Banning Ranch project. The plan to move thousands of cubic yards of dirt, excavated in the construction of Sunset Ridge Park, onto an area of potential vernal pools on the Banning Ranch property, was also eliminated.

All Sunset Ridge Park Documents
Link to all documents

California Coastal Commission Hearing - 11/02/2011

Watch a replay of the meeting (the Sunset Ridge Park item starts at about 04:43:07)

California Coastal Commission Staff Report on Sunset Ridge Park
Staff Report (October 20, 2011) and Addendum

Current Plan of Sunset Ridge Park
(No entrance road - parking at Superior & PCH -
a "practice field" is designated for the former parking area)
New Design for Sunset Ridge Park

Previous Concept Plan for Sunset Ridge Park

Sunset Ridge Park


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