A flyer describing the Banning Ranch Conservancy Legacy Giving Program.

Banning Ranch Conservancy has launched a Legacy Giving Program to help sustain our work into the future. Our goal is to raise $5M by our 25th anniversary in 2033.

Donors that support the Banning Ranch share our values and commitment to the land. We are united behind protecting the land, plants and animals, and cultural resources. We also recognize we need to teach people about the land’s significance and how to restore and steward it with the community’s help.

Together, through this vision, we can leave a remarkable legacy. Will you join us in this effort? We hope so!

Download the Legacy Giving Flyer to consider some of the more common options like: retirement withdrawals, donor advised funds, beneficiary designations, and bequests.

Have questions? Reach out to Melanie Schlotterbeck, Executive Director (714) 501-3133.