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Volunteers at a habitat restoration day.


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Volunteers removing invasive plants at Fairview Park.Join with your community to help restore our local habitats and open spaces. Check out our PEER program of events.


The Santa Ana River Coastal Corridor Is A Local Biodiversity Hot Spot In Orange County

Perhaps you’ve heard that Banning Ranch has been a fenced-off oil field for decades. Maybe you’ve heard of plans to replace it with multi-unit homes, a sprawling resort hotel complex and acres of high-end commercial space.

The now-saved Randall Preserve was the largest remaining unprotected coastal open space South of Ventura County.

The reality of the Randall Preserve (formerly Banning Ranch) is a deeply natural habitat for thousands of species. The lush green grasslands, natural bluffs, deep arroyos and vernal pools did not deserve to be displaced or killed by years of construction and natural-world destruction.

Video provided by our acquisition brokering partner TPL, produced by Reuben Herzl, GroundMaking

Some photos courtesy of Save Newport Banning Ranch