Newport Banning Ranch - Land Use

Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Measure M Habitat Conservation Sites

OCTA seeks to build an inventory of potential habitat conservation sites that may be eligible for future funding through OCTA’s freeway mitigation and resource protection program, which is part of the Renewed Measure M sales and use tax.


Measure M Habitat Conservation Site Inventory


Banning Ranch is in Group 1 of high-quality habitats

2009 Jan 

2009 Feb 

2009 Apr

2009 Jul

2009 Aug

2009 Oct

Sunset Ridge Park Project Site Plan

Proposed Plan includes:

     1,375 residential dwelling units

     75,000 sq ft of commercial uses

     75-room resort hotel 

     51.4 gross acres for parks

2011 Jul

Banning Ranch Conservancy files petition in Superior Court – Sunset Ridge Park Project

Petition filed against City of Newport Beach City Council for Sunset Ridge Park Project approval and for an inadequate and inaccurate Environmental Impact Report and Project Description, resulting in improper segmentation of environmental review and impacts to environmentally sensitive habitat areas (ESHA).


Sunset Ridge Park Petition for Writ of Mandate

2010 Apr

Sunset Ridge Park Project 

Mowing and Removal of Vegetation on Banning Ranch

Mowing and Removal of Vegetation on Banning Ranch

City of Newport Beach – Newport Banning Ranch Project Application 

2011 Aug

2011 Sep

Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) on the Newport Banning Ranch Project

September 9, 2011


Draft EIR and Exhibits



Draft EIR Appendices


Appendix A Notice Of Preparation Part 1

Volume V – Response to Comments 3-16-12
Volume VI – Response to Comments Appendices 3-16-12
Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program 
City of Newport Beach Planning Commission Staff Reports
CEQA REVIEW Newport Banning Ranch DEIR 
July 23, 2012 Council Hearing 
Project Development Building Heights

2011 Sep

Caltrans review and comment on DEIR for the Banning Ranch Project.


Caltrans Letter of Comment to NBR for the Banning Ranch Project

Sunset Ridge Park Project – Coastal Commission Staff Report                 

Staff recommends denial of Sunset Ridge Park Project.

2011 Oct

Agency and City Responses to Banning Ranch Project


City of Huntington Beach

Local Agency Formation Council (LAFCO)

California Coastal Commission

City of Costa Mesa

California Department of Transportation (CalTrans)

Orange County Transportation Authority OCTA)



City of Newport Beach to Coastal Commission re vegetation maintenance (fuel modification) on Banning Ranch


Banning Ranch Fire & Fuel Modification 11-22-11

Banning Ranch Conservancy letter to Coastal Commission re Scheduling of Hearing on Sunset Ridge <link to Sunset Ridge Docs>


BRC Letter to Coastal Commission 3-15-12


Sunset Ridge


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Technical Assistance – Revised Sunset Ridge Project 4-27-12

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service – Illegal Mowing on Sunset Ridge 4-9-13

2012 Mar

US Army Corps of Engineers – Southern Marsh and Seminiuk Slough


Santa Ana River Marsh Dredging Project – Apr 2012

2012 Apr

Sunset Ridge Park Project

Approximately 18.9 acres, adjacent to the Banning Ranch property, the City proposes to build an active and passive park that would include baseball and soccer fields, a playground and parking area.


Sunset Ridge Park Project EIR

Sunset Ridge Park – Coastal Commission 

Sunset Ridge Park – Legal Action

City of Newport Beach approves the Newport Banning Ranch project – 7-23-12


California Coastal Commission approves CDP for Sunset Ridge Park Project – 8-9-12

Southern Marsh & Seminiuk Slough

California Coastal Commission – Newport Banning Ranch Project Application 

Coastal Development Permit (CDP) Application to the Coastal Commission – 2-1-13


CDP Application


NBR Project Submittal Letter



01 – CDP Application Form

02 – NBR – Property Tax Bills

03 – Authorization Letter

04 – Section 30319 Notice

05 – 100 ft APN Coastal Map

06 – Property Owners Occupant List

07 – Interested Parties

08 – Ordinance 2012-16

09 – Ordinance 2012-17

10 – CR 2012-58

11 – CR 2012-59

12 – CR 2012-60

13 – CR 2012-112

14 – Planned Community Development Plan

15 – Master Development Plan

16 – Costa Mesa Traffic Agreement

17 – Regional Local and Site Vicinity

18 – Surrounding Land Uses

19 – Newport Beach – General Plan Design

20 – Newport Beach Zoning

21 – County of Orange Land Use Design

22 – Resolution Exemption 1973

23 – NBR Historical Aerials 1927-2011

24 – Existing Oil Facilities & Unfrastructure

25a – Existing Topological Conditions

25b – Topological Map

26 – Map 1 Recognized Environmental Conditions (REC) and Potential Environmental Concern (PEC)

26 – Map 2 Oil Field Abandoned and Remedial Staging Map

27 – Map 3 Oil Field Abandoned & Remedial Areas Map

28 – Tentative Tract Map


Development Plans

Master Development Plan


Open Space Parks & Trails

2-1 Open Space Preserve

2-2 Parklands Project Development Plan (PDP)

2-3 North Community Park PDP

2-4 Central Vommunity Park PDP

2-5 South Community Park PDP

2-6 South Bluff Park PDP

2-7 North Bluff Park PDP

2-8 Nature Center/Vernal Pool Interpretive Area PDP

2-9 Talbert Trailhead PDP

2-10 Master & Trails Coastal Areas

2-11 Multi-Use Trail Cross Section

2-12 Lowland Multi-Use Trail Cross Section

2-13 South Arroyo Multi-Use Trail Cross Section

2-14 Bluff Park Pedestrian Trail Cross Section

2-15 Bluff Toe Multi-Use Trail Cross Section

2-16 Public Bluff Park Multi-Use Trail Cross Section

2-17 Upland Interpretive Multi-Use Trail Cross Section


Residential MU – Commercial & Visitor Serving Development

3-1 Villages & Colonies Development Plan

3-2 South Family Village PDP

3-3 South Family Village Development Edfge Section

3-4 Traditional Homes South Bluff Park Typical Plans & Elevations (TP&E)

3-5 Motor Court Homes TP&E

3-6 Garden Court Homes TP&E

3-7 North Family Village PDP

3-8 North Family Village Development Edge Section

3-9 Traditional Homes Scenic Drive TP&E

3-10 Coastal Homes TP&E

3-11 Beach Cottages TP&E

3-12 Village Flats TP&E

3-13 Urban Colony SPA12a PDP

3-14 Urban Colony SPA12b Concept Development Plan

3-15 Urban Colony Concept Edge Section

3-16 Urban Flats Concept Plans & Elevations

3-17 Resort Colony SPA13a Concept Development Plan

3-18 Resort Colony SPA13b PDP

3-19 Resort Colony Development Edge Section

3-20 Resort Flats Concept Plans & Elevations


Grading & Drainage

4-1 Master Grading Plan

4-2 Grading Cross Sections

4-3 Soil Disturbance

4-4 Cut & Fill Map

4-5 Bluffs & Slope Restoration

4-6 Master Drainage Plan

4-7 Water Quality Management Plan


Circulation & Parking

5-1 Master Roadway  Plan Key Map

5-2 Pacific Coast Highway Pedestrian Bridge

5-3 Section A-A, B-B and P-P Bluff Road & North Bluff Road

5-4 Sections Q-Q & R-R North Bluff Road

5-5 Sections J-J & M-M North Bluff Road

5-6 Sections C-C, D-D and E-E 15th, 16th and 17th Streets

5-7 17th Street Offsite

5-8 19th Street North Bluff Road Entry and Offsite

5-9 Sections G-G and H-H Resort Colony Road Scenic Drive

5-10 Sections F-F, I-I and N-N Typical Local Roads and Private Alley

5-11 Traffic Calming Design Features

5-12 15th Street Entry Offsite

5-13 16th Street Entry Offsite

5-14 North Bluff Road Offsite

5-15 West Coast Highway & Bluff Road Entry Intersection

5-16 Sections K-K and L-L West Coast Highway


Landscape & Design

6-1 Fuel Management Zones Map

6-2 Community Landscapes Zone Map

6-3 Streets Cross Section Key

6-4 Bluff Road – PCH Resort Colony Street Scape

6-5 North Bluff Road & 17th Street  Street Scape

6-6 North Bluff Road & 17th & 19th Street Scape

6-7 Section C-C 15th Street Scape

6-8 Section D-D 16th Street Scaoe

6-9 Section E-E 17th Street Scape

6-10 Section G-G Resort Colony Street Scape

6-11 Section H-H Scenic Drive Street Scape

6-12 Section I-I Local Street Scape

6-13 F-F Local Street Scape

6-14 Street Signal Light Fixture

6-15 Walls Fence Monument

6-16 Block Wall Open Space Fence Details

6-17 View Fence Walls

6-18 Community Monument Concept

6-19 PCH Monument Concept

6-20 Community Transition/Interface Key

6-21 Section A-A Open Space South Bluff & PCH Lido Interface

6-22 Section B-B Open Space South Bluff & Newport Shores Interface

6-23 Section C-C Open Space North Bluff & Newport Shores Interface

6-24 Section D-D South Community Park & Newport Crest Interface

6-25 Section E1-E1 & E2-E2 South Community Park – Bluff Road & Newport Crest Interface

6-26 Section F-F Central Community Park & Newport Crest Interface

6-27 Section G-G North Community Park & Carden School Interface

6-28 Section H-H Consolidated Oil Facilities & North Bluff Park – Family Village Interface

6-29 Section I-I Urban Colony & Newport Mesa School District Property

6-30 Section J-J Urban Colony & Mesa West Bluff

6-31 Section K-K Open Space & California Seabreeze Interface

6-32 Color Palette


Infrastructure & Utilities

7-1 Master Water Plan

7-2 Master Wastewater Plan


Conceptual Sequencing

Conceptual Sequencing Plans Parklands Villages & Colonies


Technical Studies – Biological Resources Reports 

Focused Burrowing Owl (BUOW) Surveys on Banning Ranch

Final Cumulative Fairy Shrimp Report – 1-29-13

NBR Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report – 2-1-13

Pacific Pocket Mouse Assessment for Banning Ranch – 10-25-12 

Raptor Survey Report – 1-11-13

Technical Studies – Geotechnical Reports 

Earth Consultants Inc. – 11-25-97 

GeoSyntec Consultants Phase 1 – 1-31-96 

Leighton and Associates Inc. – 5-16-97 

Pacific Soils Engineering Inc. – 10-8-93 

Woodward-Clyde Consultants – 4-2-85


CCC Notice of Incomplete Application

NOIA – 3-1-13

2013 Feb

Coastal Commission Notice of Violation – Removal of major vegetation


Notice of Violation – Removal of major vegetation from Banning Ranch 5-18-12

2012 Jun

Hamilton Biological letter to Coastal Commission – Biological Issues on Sunset Ridge.

Removal of ESHA on Sunset Ridge site


Biological issues and removal of Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Area (ESHA) on Sunset Ridge

Application filed with the Coastal Commission and Notices of Incomplete Application   


In February 2013, Newport Banning Ranch (NBR) filed for a Coastal Development Permit with the California Coastal Commission (CCC).  The CCC issued a Notice of Incomplete Application (NOIA) for information, surveys and studies missing from the application.  NBR re-submitted the response applications, to which a NOIA was issued.  This continued for 8 rounds from 2013 to 2015 before the final resubmittal was accepted as complete in April 2015.

Villages & Colonies Development Plan

Application Resubmittal – 11-8-13

NBR CDP Application Resubmittal – part 1 of 2

NBR CDP Application Resubmittal – part 2 of 2


NOIA – 12-6-13

CCC Response to Incomplete Application 12-3-13



Application Resubmittal – 1-10-14

NBR CDP Application Resubmittal – 1-10-14

Constraints Exhibits

All Constraints – All Special Status Birds

Constraints After Oilfield Abandonment and Soil Remediation

Constraints Oilfield Abandonment and Soil Remediation Area

Constraints Project Impacts After Oilfield Abandonment and Soil Remediation

Constraints Setbacks

Protected Enhanced and Established Vegetation Communities After HCCMP Implementation


01. Habitat Conservation and Conceptual Mitigation Plan (HCCMP)

02. 2001 RWQCB Cleanup and Abatement

03. 2001 Environmental Assessment

04. Letter from City of Newport Beach

05. Adjacent Uses and Densities

06. Coastal Act Consistency Analysis

07. USFWS Medak Correspondence

08. Lighting Specifications

09. Bluff Edge Delineations

10. City of Newport Beach Approvals

11. Chain of Title

12. Newport Banning Land Trust Letter and Memorandum of Understanding

13. Transportation Demand Management (TDM)

14. Summary of Public Participation Process


NOIA – 2-7-14

CCC Notice of Incomplete Application 2-7-14



Application Resubmittal – 5-6-14

NBR Application Submittal No 5-13-032 – 5-5-14

Application No 5-13-032 Exhibits

Application No 5-13-032 Attachment A & B

Application No 5-13-032 Attachment C

Application No 5-13-032 Attachment D Pt 1 of 2

Application No 5-13-032 Attachment D Pt 2 of 2

Application No 5-13-032 Attachment E

Oversize Roll 1

Oversize Roll 2

Oversize Roll 3


NOIA – 6-5-14

CCC Notice of Incomplete Application 2-7-14



Application Resubmittal – 10-30-14

NBR Application Submittal – 10-30-14


NOIA – 11-26-14

CCC Notice of Incomplete Application 11-26-14



Application Resubmittal – 3-5-15

NBR Response Application Submittal 3-5-15

Attachment 4 Remedial Action Plan

Attachment 5 2001 Cleanup Level Reference

Attachment 6 US EPA Citizens Guide to Bioremediation

Attachment 7 WNOC SPCC Plan

Attachment 8 Nabors SPCC Plan

Exhibit 3A Oil Field Operations

NBR Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)

Ref 2 – Phase I ESA_10 October 1993

Ref 6 – EA Report_November 2001

Ref 7 – Cement Returns  EA and RAP_ 1 July 2002

Ref 8 – Lowland Stock EA and RAP_2 December 2002

Ref 9 – Free Product EA and RAP_2 December 2002

Ref 10 – Cement Returns RA Progress_4 December 2002

Ref 11 – Surface Water Sam-pling Table 1_3 March 2003

Resort Floor Plans

Revised Project Description

South Village Commercial Floor Plans

Urban Colony Commercial Floor Plans

Urban Colony Community Ammenities Floor Plans

Urban Colony Recreation Center Floor Plans

Urban Colony Residential Floor Plans

Water Quality Exhibit Comm Resort Revised

Water Quality Revised Grading Sheets 3 & 7

WQMP Combined BMPs_reduced


NOIA – 4-3-15

CCC Notice of Incomplete Application – 4-3-15



Application Resubmittal – 4-8-15

NBR Application Submittal – 4-5-15

Revised Project Description 4-8-15

2001 GLA Newport Banning Ranch_BRC 39 Dry Season Survey

Dry Season Fairy Shrimp ERS 2012

Earth Consultants Int’l 11-25-1997

Geosyntec Ph 1_1-31-1996


Pacific Soils_10-8-1993


Soil Disturbance_150407_1117



Application accepted as incomplete 4-29-15


Application accepted as complete AR-M355U_20090520_151751 

Application Resubmittal – 5-17-13

NBR CDP Application Resubmittal Cover

NBR CDP Applicaiton Resubmittal Letter



NBR CLUP Consistency Analysis 

WNOC-NBR Letters to CCC 

Oil Operators Application for Exemption based on Vested Rights 

NBR Abandonment Remediation – Alternative Project Impacts 

NBR Alternative Impact Mitigation Tables 

CA Code of Regulations Title 14 – Regulations Codes – Best Practices 

NBR History 

1986 CDP E-85-1 Issues to WNOC 

Oil Field Aerial Photos 

W10b-11-2010 Signal Hill 

Armstrong Petroleum 1990 Response to Commission 

City Council Staff Report Funding Feasibility 

NBR Willing Buyer Letter to BRC 

Alternative Development Plan 

Resources Constraints Plan 

Resource Constraints Plan with OASR Exemption PPF  

Resource Constraints Plan with OASR Exemption Alt PF 

CCC Alternative Project 

Special Status Species 

Historical CAGN Survey Data 

GLA Memo FS Response 

Vernal Pool Approx Watershed 

JD of Seasonal Features 2013 

Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report 2013 

Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report 2013 Appdx A 

Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report 2013 Appdx B&C 

Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report 2013 Appdx D P 1-83 

Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report 2013 Appdx D 83-166 

Grasslands Assessment and Vegetation Mapping Report 2013 Appdx E&F 

HCRP Opportunities 

Existing Proposal Watershed Map 

City SB18 Correspondence 

Cut-Fill Exhibit 

Title Constraints Map 

Slope Analysis Bluff Delineation Map 

Sea Level Rise 

Fault Map 

Existing Proposed Hydrology Map 

Visitor Serving Accommodation Analysis 

Parking Plans 

Farmland Soils 

NMUSD MOU signed 

Project Plans



CCC Notice of Incomplete Application 

NOIA – 6-14-13

Application Resubmittal – 7-8-13


NOIA – 8-7-13

California Coastal Commission Strategic Plan 2013-02018


The California Coastal Commission has protected critical open space and resource areas that provide public access near dense urban areas have been protected, including in the Santa Monica Mountains, along Bolsa Chica and the Newport Coast, and around the lagoons in San Diego County. The Strategic Plan is to strengthen the Agency’s implementation of the Coastal Act.


California Coastal Commission Strategic Plan

2013 Apr

2013 Nov

The City of Newport Beach approves the draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the NBR project proposal.  The Banning Ranch Conservancy (BRC) litigates, claiming that the City of Newport Beach’s approval of the EIR did not comport with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).


In November, the Orange County Superior Court rules on Banning Ranch Conservancy vs the City of Newport Beach, deciding in favor of the BRC.  In December, the City of Newport Beach appeals the Superior Court’s ruling.

2014 Jan

Hamilton Biological review of NBR Dudek California Gnatcatcher Surveys


CAGN Surveys 1-17-14

2014 Jun

Coastal Commission Conflict Resolution Letter to Manatt, Phelps & Phillip

Conflict Resolution #32FA5C

2014 Jul

West Newport Oil Co. – Demurrer against Coastal Commission

Horizontal Development LLC and West Newport Oil Company files Demurer against the California Coastal Commission.


WNOC Summons and Complaint against CCC

CCC Demurer

CCC Demurrer Request for Judicial Notice

CCC Answer to Horizontal Development Complaint for Declaratory Relief 

Minute Order Overruling Demurer 1-16-15

2014 Aug

Coastal Commission Hearing 3-12-15 

Unpermitted development and development in noncompliance the terms of a previously-issued permit, in the form of: drilling and operation of new wells; removal of major vegetation; grading; installation of pads and wells; construction of structures, roads and pipelines; placement of solid material; discharge or disposal of any dredged material or any liquid waste; removing, mining, or extraction of material; and change in intensity of use of the land.


CCC Staff Report and Consent Orders – Hearing 2-27-15

CCC Staff Report Addemdum – 3-10-15

2015 Mar

Coastal Commission Newport Mesa Unified School District CDP Application – Fence 3-12-15

After-the-fact approval for construction of a 2,046 foot long, 6 foot high chain link fence near the property line.

Staff Recommendation: Denial


Staff Report Th13a – 3-12-15

NMUSD Wetlands – Terry Welsh 11-30-13

Habitat Assessment for Fencing Project 7-7-14

Hamilton Biological Letter – Banning Ranch Fence 2-23-15

Fencing Options E104_20160908 9-9-15

NMUSD Biological Constraints Analysis – 7-2/8-16

Potential Vernal Pool located on Newport – Terry Welsh 4-23-17

2015 Apr

2015 Sep

Coastal Commission Hearing – 10-7-15 

Staff Recommendation – denial of project.  Application was withdrawn by applicant. 


Staff Report W9b-10-2015

Staff Report W9b-10-2015 & Appendices A, B, C, D

Staff Report W9b-10-2015 Exhibits 1 – 7

Staff Report W9b-10-2015 Exhibits 8 – 11

Staff Report W9b-10-2015 Exhibit 12

Staff Report W9b-10-2015 Exhibits 13 – 22


Staff Report Addendum

Addendum to Staff Report W9b-10-2015-a1 and Exhibits

Addendum to Staff Report W9b-10-2015-a1 Letters and ExParte


Banning Ranch Conservancy Briefing Book for NBR Application 5-13-032

Briefing Book Oct 7 2015



Pollution Issues at Banning Ranch

Hamilton Letter to Coastal Protection Network

2015 Oct

2016 Jan

Horizontal Development LLC  Oil Operations 

Coastal Development Permit Application and Notice of Incomplete Application 


Horizontal-West Newport Oil Company CDP Application 9-30-15

CCC NOIA to Horizontal-WNOC Application October 2015 

3. Comparison of Revised Development Plan to 10.7.15 Plan

Coastal Commission considers firing Executive Director Charles Lester


LA Times Coastal Commission members consider firing executive director, Jan 20, 2016

2016 Mar

2016 Feb

February Coastal Commission Hearing – POSTPONED 

March Coastal Commission Hearing – POSTPONED 

2016 May

2016 Aug

2016 Sep

2016 Oct

California Department of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources (DOGGR) Notice of Violation filed against Armstrong Petroleum 10-21-16.  Lease Inspection.


Armstrong Petroleum Co Violation Letter Draft 2016 RL Version

WNOC Lease Inspection NOV Letter 2016-02-28

Armstrong Petroleum Lease Inspection NOV 2017-02-28

2017 Jan

Hearing before the California Supreme Court 


Revised Findings Leter to CCC 2-3-17

Commissioner Comments to 9-7-16 Hearing


NBR – Letter to Chair Bochco, Commissioners (Revised Findings)

NBR – Attachment No. 2 (Commissioner Comments)

March 30, 2017

The Supreme Court justices unanimously rule that the City of Newport Beach failed to follow CEQA in approving the EIR for NBR’s Newport Banning Ranch proposed project.  The Appellate decision is reversed.  The result is that the City of Newport Beach must vacate their approval of the EIR for the project.


LA Times, Newport Beach improperly approved Banning Ranch project, Supreme Court Rules

Maura Dolan and Bettina Boxall,  Mar 30, 2017



Supreme Court Decision 2017-s227473, Corrigan, J.


California Supreme Court CEQA requies study potential impacts, ESHA,  April 4, 2017

2017 Mar

2017 Aug

LA Times 

A Good Day for the Coastal Commission  Sept 8, 2016

Steve Lopez

A Good Day for the Coastal Commission



OC Register

Banning Ranch Project denied by Coastal Commission, ending 20-year battle – for now  Sept 8, 2016

Lauren Williams

Banning Ranch Project denied by Coastal Commission


The Orange Coast River Park 

CCC Tour Map of Banning Ranch
Stop 1 PCH

Photos of the Tour 

Tour of Banning Ranch 6-10-14

The Coastal Commission organized a field trip to Banning Ranchm using three tour busses to ferry people onto the property, with three stops.


CCC Tour of Banning Ranch W33-6-2014-a1 

Stop 1 Newport Crest
Stop 1 Arroyo
Stop 2 Heliotrope
Stop 2 NS Arroyo

Stop No. 1 

Stop No 2 

Stop 3 Cactus
Stop 3 lowlands
Stop 3 rusty pipes

Stop No 3 

EIR Existing Topographic Site Conditions
Oil Consolidation Areas

Notice of Preparation

This Notice of Preparation is to notify Responsible Agencies that the Lead Agency, the City of Newport Beach, plans to prepar a Program Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the Newport Banning Ranch Project.


Notice of Preparation of Draft EIR

NBR Notice of Public Scoping Meeting

The City of Newport Beach is preparing a Program Environmental Impact Report for the Banning Ranch Project to assess the potential environmental affects associated with the development of the 401-acre Project Site.


Notice of Public Scoping Meeting


Orange County Water District – Groundwater Management Plan

The OCW District implements a comprehensive program to manage the groundwater basin to assure a safe and sustainable supply.  The Groundwater Management Plan 2009 Update documents the objectives, operations, and programs aimed at accomplishing the District’s mission.


Groundwater Management Plan – OCWD 2009

Water Supply Assessment – Sept 2010

Water Demand Calculation

MWD Regional Urban Water Development Plan

City of Newport Beach Urban Water Management Plan 2015

Draft Remedial Plan

This document describes the scope of oil field remediation and field remediation work on the Banning Ranch property if proposed development is approved.


Draft Remedial Action Plan


Sunset Ridge Park Project – Draft Environmental Impact Report

The City’s proposed park would include one baseball field and two soccer fields, a playground and picnic area, a memorial garden and an overlook with seating and shade structure, pedestrian paths, restroom facilities and parking.


Sunset Ridge Project Page

BR Talbert Sunset Ridge

Coastal Commission Notice of Violation – Removal of Major Vegetation on Sunset Ridge

NBR has removed (mowed) major vegetation in Environmentally Sensitive Habitat Areas (ESHA) without obtaining a coastal development permit, in violation of the Coastal Act.


Notice of Violation – Unpermitted Development & Removal of Vegetation 4-14-11

Newport Banning Ranch Planned Community Development Plan

The Development Plan includes land use district designations for open space, park and recreation, visitor-serving resort, residential, commercial and mixed use residential/commercial uses for the Project Site


 NBR Planned Community Development Plan 



Newport Banning Ranch Master Development Plan

Establishes a master plan for land use and the design criteria that includes general street layouts and infrastructure, grading concept and development plans for residential, visitor serving report park and commercial land use.


Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Existing Conditions

Chapter 3 – Land Use and Development Plans

Chapter 4 – Trails and Coastal Areas

Chapter 5 – Landscape Master Plan

Chapter 6 – Architecture Design Guidelines

Chapter 7 – Landform Restoration and Grading

Chapter 8 – Master Roadway and Infrastructure

Chapter 9 – Water Management Plans

Chapter 10 – Implementation


Sewer Water Facilities Plan – June 2011


Sewer Water Facilities Plan 


Newport Banning Ranch Development Agreement  7-11-2002

Agreement between City of Newport Beach and Aera Energy LLC and Cherokee Newport Beach LLC.

Newport Banning Ranch Development Agreement

Newport Banning Ranch Affordable Housing Implementation Plan – July 2012

Affordable Housing Implementation Plan

Newport Banning Ranch Fiscal Analysis – May 2012

Fiscal Impact Analysis

Oil Clean-up Disturbance Areas
Landscape Master Plan
Stop 2 Pipes
Coastal Commission November 2016 Hearing
Oil Field Operations
developement plan-2016

Revised Development Plan

     895 residential units

     75-room resort hotel

     20-bed hostel

     45,100 sq. ft. commercial/retail space 

Appendix B Part 1 Geo 9_a

Seismic Faultlines of the Newport-Inglewood Fault 

Faultlines mapped in the Newport Banning Ranch Area

Banning Ranch Conservancy Vision Plan


BRC Vision Plan 2nd Ed, March 2014 

2014 Mar

Briefing Book Oct 7-2015 cover
Briefing Book Sept 7 2016 cover
Special Status Species

 Special Status Species

Burrowing Owl Burrow Locations