The Sunset Ridge Park Project site is approximately 18.9 acres, bound on the north by residential development, to the east by Superior Avenue and to the west by Newport Banning Ranch.  The City of Newport Beach proposes an active and passive park, which would include one baseball field and two soccer fields, a playground and picnic area, a memorial garden and an overlook with seating and shade structure, pedestrian paths and restroom facilities.

2009 Oct

2009 Dec

2010 Apr

Banning Ranch Conservancy files petition in Superior Court – Sunset Ridge Park Project

Opening Brief of Petitioner

BonTerra Consulting – Wetlands Analysis – 2-11-11 

2011 Aug

2011 Sep

California Coastal Commission Staff Report – 9-23-11 (Hearing 10/5 – 7/11)

Staff Report Th9a

Staff Recommendation:  Denial

2011 Oct

NBR Coastal Development Permit at Coastal Commission


CCC CDP Application 12-16-11

Permit Application Form and Instructions

03 – Owner, Occupant and Interested List 

04 – Site and Grading Plan with Topography 

05 – Site and Grading Plan with Aerial Photo 

06 – Existing Vegetation Plan with Topography 

07 – Existing Vegetation Plan with Aerial Photo 

08 – Landscape Planting Plan 

09 – Earthwork Exhibit (8.5 x 11”) 

10 – Sunset Ridge Park Director’s Deed 

11 – Superior Avenue Parking Lot Director’s Deed 

12 – Vicinity Map 

13 – Assessor’s Parcel Map showing proposed development site and all adjacent properties within 100 ft. of property boundary 

14 – Copy of correspondence from City Traffic Engineer Tony Brine dated December 7, 2011

15 – Alternative Analysis 

16 – Alternative Analysis Exhibits



Landscape Grading Vegetation


01 – Response Letter

02 – Urban Resource Response to Storm Drain Alignment

03 – Site and Grading Plan with Topo Maps

04 – Site and Grading Plan with Aerial Photo

05 – Existing Vegetation Plan with Topo Maps

06 – Existing Vegetation Plan with Topo Maps

07 – Landscape Planting Concept


The Mowing and Historical docs


CCC – Letter from City of Newport Beach re Vegetation maintenance 11-22-11

Sunset Ridge Park Concept Plans 3-16-12

Letter – Schmitz & Associates to CCC – 12-16-11
CCC CDP Permit Application and Instructions

Alternative Analysis for Vehicular Access 12-14-11

Landscape Planting Concepts 12-16-11

Purchase and Sales Agreement 12-5-06

Updated Traffic Analysis 12-7-11

Notice of Incomplete Application 1-18-12

Response to Comments to SRP Project 2-1-12

Response to BRC Comments by NBR 2-13-12

Annual Vegetation Removal on Sunset Ridge Property 2-15-12

Historical Disturbance of Project Area 1965 – 2008 

2010 Dec

2012 Apr

2012 Jun

2012 May

2012 Dec

2013 May

CCC Staff Report Th11c-7-2012 Exhibits 7-13_Page_04
Section 4.6_Biological Resources-2 gnatcatcher
Sunset Ridge Park and surrounds_r
SRP baseball field
SRP from Garden
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