This year, for the first time ever, we extended our End of Year Matching Campaign to January 31, 2020, hoping we would make our goal of $15,000.  We did it with the permission of our two matching donors and we can’t thank them enough for their extraordinary support of our 20-year effort. 

We not only made our goal of $15,000, WE MORE THAN DOUBLED IT.  Isn’t that amazing!  And better yet…


We’re deeply grateful for your generosity and here’s why:  The $50 million gift we received is for acquisition only.  The Conservancy’s work doesn’t stop with the gift, it increases and gets more complex and demanding than ever. 

We’re not complaining!  We couldn’t be happier, more hopeful or more eternally grateful to Frank and Joann Randall.  Nothing can match the good they’ve done. 

But the reality is this:  Not a penny of the $50 million gift can be used for the ongoing effort to permanently save, restore and conserve Banning Ranch. 

The matching funds allow us to engage the financial and legal experts we urgently need to master the maze of regulations and codes that comes with purchasing and maintaining 401 acres of open space.  Going forward will require land management and restoration consultants, accounting expertise, architects, planners, fundraising and social media campaigns.

For 20 years, we’ve been a 100% volunteer organization and we’re very proud of that.  We take immense pride in our beginnings and in the incredible dedication and passion of the volunteers who helped achieve the impossible.  But bottom line, we have a huge job ahead of us—and that’s a wonderful thing!  We’ve shown that by working together, we can do anything and we’ll do this too.  But an essential part of effective management is recognizing when technical and professional expertise is necessary—and that’s why we’re reaching out now. 

We’re taking a giant step into future and you—our volunteers, supporters and members—made it happen.  So, thank you.  Words aren’t ever enough, but deeply and from the bottom of or hearts, we thank you for standing with us, staying with us and for saving Banning Ranch with us. 

Together we will do whatever it takes to stay
the course and get this job done!